Accessing *NIX partitions (XFS,Reiser,ext) from Windows in Dual-Boot

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It seems easy enough to access various filesystems running a *NIX host:

  1. Identify the filesystem
  2. Acquire and load the respective drivers/modules for it
  3. Access files on the partitions

In the Windows world, things are a little different though.

While I’m happy with my *NIX or virtualized Windows environments 98% of the time, some applications (e.g. ANSYS or some Matlab modules) do run better within a native Windows environment.

Accessing files on my XFS partitions has always been troublesome, although I now managed to do it. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Download Virtualbox
  2. Create a small VM sporting a minimal Debian environment
  3. Create an RAW access VMDK with VBoxManage
  4. Setup Samba within the Debian VM with bridged networking
  5. Access files on the partitions

This reminds me a bit of the pictures comparing the syscalls of Apache and IIS from 2006:

SysCallApache.jpg SysCallIIS.jpg

It finally works though, so I have to be happy, right?

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